To develop strategies for schools to create a healthier environment for kids.

This happens when we focus on the 3 core environments in a school:

Healthy Spirituality, Healthy Community & Healthy Purpose

on 4 levels: teachers, learners, management and parents.

One of the greatest tools we have is our Health Check
(developed by CONSULTA, a national professional company).

Via an anonymous online survey for both learners and teachers, we can assess the holistic health of the school.  With the results received we are able to better serve and strengthen each school, sometimes in partnership with businesses, healthcare workers and church leaders.


The TREE team consists of members of various different churches in Bloemfontein who partner together to make a difference in the schools of our city.

In order to address the brokenness in schools we need to serve these schools in a holistic manner.

TREE focuses on both the scholars and the teachers.
We equip and support the teachers and principals and minister to the children through life coaching, leadership development, preaching and leading praise & worship sessions.

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