Sometimes life is full of and gets us down. Life Centre offers focused areas of ministry for those who need care in difficult times. Our desire is to see that each person will be restored to live wholeheartedly and in quality relationship with God and others.

We offer the following courses and services:

Grace for life

Grace for Life is a course facilitated in small groups for those who wish to grow, restore and live wholeheartedly. The course runs over seven weeks in the first term of the year and is open to anyone who wish to courageously tackle some of the pain issues in their life.

Divorce Care

Divorce Care is a 10-week program in the second term of the year to guide you through the challenges of divorce or separation towards rebuilding your life.

We also offer a Divorce Care for Kids group which is a safe space where your children can learn skills to help them on the journey towards healing.

Pastoral Care

A dedicated team of called ones, pastors and professionals are passionate about guiding and supporting others though emotional and spiritual issues and challenging times.

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