We would like to offer a sincere welcome and a brief introduction to Doxa Deo. Seeing cities changed to places where God reigns is the heartbeat of our ministry. We believe that God has a special plan for cities and uses ordinary people in exceptional ways to reflect His glory and love.

Who We Are
In Doxa Deo we raise men, women and children who will establish Christianity once again as the great life system and cultural force that it is, having the inherent capacity to transform people and their communities.
Doxa Deo sees people as the key to changing cities. Everything we do in Doxa Deo is for this purpose alone: Raising people of PASSION and PURPOSE, who live to change cities! We call these people CITY CHANGERS.

In the context of Matt 6:33 our journey with God is described in four concepts.

Personal Lordship

Jesus becomes Lord of your life when you respond in faith to the awareness of God’s love and acceptance that the Holy Spirit creates.  A commitment to His Lordship is the beginning of this amazing journey into His Kingdom.

Right Standing

Your first step into a faith life is not mere behavioural change but understanding that your repositioning God set in place, because of the completed work of Christ, has now brought you in Right standing with God.  This righteousness is expressed in an identification with Jesus through a life of intimacy with God and integrity as a result.

Right Living

Your repositioning in Jesus sets you up for the next step, namely a changed life that is nothing less than a life of love.  This love of God drives us to a willingness to serve, living out our Godly calling and stewarding life for the Glory of the Lord.

Public Lordship

The circle is now completed when you, as a new person in Jesus, enter the world you live in with a mandate to bring it under the Lordship of Jesus.  Through a new Christ centred world view you engage in the war of the opposite spirit in your workplace and life, seeing everything permeated with the Glory of God.

What We Believe

Through our campuses we encourage our partners to get involved with their cities and we have found creative ways of doing this. Through our campuses we approach existing organisations and serve them passionately with the love and Word of God. For example this includes the Doxa Deo TREE process and also our Children’s Homes. This is Doxa Deo getting involved and serving its city.

We establish models within the different spheres of society. For example, POPUP (People Upliftment Programme) is how skills training and development looks like when functioning from a position of Christianity. Our schools and colleges represent what Christ-centred education looks like. And it is this part that makes the Doxa Deo Family unique!

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