We would like to offer a sincere welcome and a brief introduction to Doxa Deo. Seeing cities changed to places where God reigns is the heartbeat of our ministry. We believe that God has a special plan for cities and uses ordinary people in exceptional ways to reflect His glory and love.

Doxa Deo is more than just a church in various locations. We encourage our City Changers to impact their cities and have established ministries to facilitate their involvement in society.


These ministries include TREE (Transforming Educational Environments), our process in which we reach out to schools. Our schools and colleges are also a representation of what Christ-centred education looks like; and our Children’s Homes minister to vulnerable children.


Metamorpho is our one year potential development experience for students who discover their calling before they continue with their studies.


We have also established POPUP (People Upliftment Programme) where skills training assists those disenfranchised to re-integrate into our economy.


Our City Changers Institute (CCI) provides vocational training to set people up as City Changers in society.


Doxa Deo… the glory of God covering our world!


Auckland Campus, Doxa Deo

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