Doxa Deo Kids is a place where children can just be a child, a place where they can play and laugh, but above all a church for the younger generation, a place where they can express what they experience of God as what only children can. We dream that children will rise up as “City Changers” in their homes, schools and community.

VISION: To see God reign in 12 cities.

MISSION: By changing people and society.

SLOGAN: “Raising City Changers”



2 – 7 YEARS

At Doxa Deo Kids we strive to serve every child at his level. We realize that we are shaping these children’s concepts about God and His church and therefore we want to help them get to know God and His heart in a fun way. We teach them in a creative way to make the Bible relevant in their lives.

Our passionate staff consider it their calling to serve the children weekly from our pre-developed curriculum.


We use a lot of fun and games where we focus on God’s love and grace. We also spend nice time in small groups where the children talk about what the core idea looks like in practice in their lives. It is important to us that children at this age will learn how to love people as God loves us and will serve people from that perspective.

Our desire is also that what happens on a Sunday will not be the only place where they hear the message, but that it will also be echoed at home during the week. We would like to empower our families to take the message taught weekly at the children’s church further and also to dig deeper into it at home. We want to create optimal influence in our next generation.

GRADE 6 – 7

We realize that Grade 6 & 7 children are in such an important place in their development that we can not help but serve them separately for their specific needs. We know that this age child is at the beginning of his search for the answer to the question “Who am I?”.

That’s why we intentionally focus on identity in our Grade 6 & 7 ministry. Our presentation is also of such a nature that we want to help children discover the Truth for themselves, so we present our lessons in an interactive, “pre-teen” relevant, fun way. When your grade 7 child enters the next phase of his life, namely “teenager”, we want them to know the following: I know who God is and I know who I am, therefore I can make a difference in my life world.



Your child’s safety is very important to us, which is why we expect our parents to complete a new registration form every year, for the sake of correct information and indemnity form that must be signed annually.

Look out for our Doxa Deo Kids registration area where kids can register every week and receive their stickers. Each child will receive 2 stickers, one is pasted on them and the other is given to the parent. Please note that only parents with stickers will be allowed to pick up children at their classes after the service. This process is for the sake of your children’s safety.


Relationships are extremely important to us, which is why we have passionate leaders who love the Lord, who act as mentors and make a weekly contribution to our children’s lives. It is important to us that our children will feel unconditionally loved and welcome here at Doxa Deo Kids.


At the children’s ministry we also offer opportunities to people with a passion for children to come and live out their ministry once or twice a month. Become part of our children’s ministry through various ways. Contact Anneke for more information.

Contact Anneke Rabie: [email protected]



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