This is who we are

We know our identity lies in Him

We care for
each other

We impact
our world

The heart of Fusion

At Fusion we want to see that each and every teenager that steps in through our doors will discover God and experience Him. It is for this reason that we are passionate about our schools and about everything that happens on a Sunday and on a Thursday. We discuss topics that aid our teenagers in their search for identity, we equip them to impact their world, and so much more…

Through personal relationships and mentoring we would like to embark on an adventure with each teenager, guiding them. We want to equip them to build a personal relationship with God and other people. Fusion is a very important aspect of the bigger Raslouw Campus and, therefore, we work through the same content as the adults just at a teenage-relevant level.

We want to see a generation with a passion for God, for His word, and for His people. We want to equip our teenagers to make God the center of their lives and that they may take Hi on every journey. We also believe in discipleship and the importance of having conversations within a group. We want each teenager to grow in their faith.

Gathering times


At Fusion@Night it is our number one priority to serve each teenager with the Word. We create a safe space where teenagers can experience the presence of God.

We get together every Thursday night at 18:30

Fusion Conversations

Fusion Conversations is a place where teenagers can come to dive deeper into the Word of God. Here we have deep, meaningful conversations.

We gather every Sunday during the morning service.


Come and live out your passion

If you have a heart for you people and would like to be involved in our Youth ministry, please feel free to send us a message by filling in the below “contact us” form.

If you have any other questions regarding Fusion please feel free to contact us.

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