Prayer Course

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 We encouraged to pray without ceasing. Luke 11:1-13 One of the disciples made an amazing plea to Jesus “Teach us how to pray” We need to gain understanding on why and how to pray Jesus prayed to demonstrate intimacy with God. We need to learn how to

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Bible Reading Course

Study after study in the last quarter-century has revealed that American Christians increasingly don’t read their Bibles, don’t engage their Bibles, and don’t know their Bibles. It’s obvious: We are living in a post-biblically literate culture. (George Barna) The Biblical illiteracy can simply lead to spiritual ignorance which then present

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Effective Parenting in a Defective World

About the Course: It is a video course that consists of 9 sessions that we complete in 5 sessions. Small Group discussions form a vital part of this course. Content is as follows: Session 1: How to raise kids in a negative world Session 2: Building relationships that bond Session

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City Changers Evening

Our City Changers’ Evening is a visionary meeting where we discuss the year ahead and what we as a congregation believe God has in store for us in terms of our theme for the hear – Accelerate in the Revelation

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Arise Women’s Hike

Arise is a three-day event that challenges relationship and builds trust and unity. The weekend starts on a Friday night and ends on the following Sunday afternoon. This period of time is viewed as one endless day. During the weekend, woman turn over their watches, phones, wallets and car keys.

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