About Doxa Deo

Doxa Deo is a city focused Christian Church with campuses in 8 cities across the world: Pretoria, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, London (UK), Stuttgart (Germany) and Auckland (NZ).


Doxa Deo goes beyond having church on a Sunday to serving our cities in such a way, that we are seeing the establishing of the Lordship of Christ in every area of society. In Doxa Deo people are not only concerned for the state of their cities; they take responsibility for their cities. In short, WE ARE SERVING OUR CITIES INTO THE KINGDOM!


Doxa Deo is a church for the modern family wanting to move beyond success to significance, who dares to think differently about church. To help you understand our ministry better we have prepared special information for you!

The Global Leadership Team

Alan & Leana Platt

Founder and Leader

Anton & Bernice Venter

Chief Strategy Officer & International Cluster Facilitator

Muller & Carol-Anne van Loggerenberg

Doxa Deo Financial Director

Nico & Sally Nell

South African Cluster Facilitator

Jean & Willianna Symons

South African Cluster Leader

Changing Lives, Impacting Cities

People are the key to changing cities. Everything we do is for this purpose alone: Raising and equipping people who are City Changers.


We raise City Changers when: 
1.    We release Ambassadors of the Kingdom (MOBILISE)
People don’t come to church to be part of a programme, they ARE the programme! We believe that our partners can make a difference there where they function and operate on a daily basis – at home, at work, with family or with friends. No matter where our partners function, they understand their purpose: Be light and salt for the earth! They see themselves as Ambassadors of the Kingdom with one mission: To establish God’s glory wherever they function. In Doxa Deo we call these people CITY CHANGERS.


2.    We get involved (ENGAGE)
Through our campuses, we encourage our partners to get involved with their cities and we have found creative ways of doing this. Through our campuses, we approach existing organisations and serve them passionately with the love and Word of God. For example, this includes the Doxa Deo TREE process and also our Children’s Homes. This is Doxa Deo getting involved and serving its city.


3.    We lead by example (MODEL)
We establish models within the different spheres of society. For example, POPUP (People Upliftment Programme) is how skills training and development looks like when functioning from a position of Christianity. Our schools and colleges represent what Christ-centred education looks like. And it is this part that makes the Doxa Deo Family unique!