There are many situations in life that simply takes the wind out of our sails. Life Centre brings specialised and focused areas of Ministries for those of us who goes through difficult times.

Our desire is to see that each person will live a life of fullness not only with God but with other people around them.

We offer the following services
I want to live a full life
I need counselling
We have voluntary as well as registered counselors who have received formal counseling training and who serve in a counseling capacity.

I am going through a difficult time (Encouragement)
We have volunteers that have a heart for people and a passion for care and recovery. Our encourages is being equipped to serve in a supportive capacity.
Professional assistance in the form of Psychologists, Therapists, Psychiatrists, etc. These people are only part of the “Care” network and are not employed by Doxa Deo

HOPE (Help Our People Eat)
HOPE is our food project. It is specifically aimed at needy families in our own congregation. If you know of families in need of food, please bring this to the attention of the leadership so that we can prepare food parcels for those families. We also have a need for non-perishable food and cleaning aids. You can take one of black bins in the Connect Area, fill them up at your own time and bring them back to the Campus. We have placed a list of groceries in each container for your convenience.

Grace For Life
Grace for Life is a growth process that guides people to healthy humanity. Among the key focus areas during this growth process are, among other things, the importance of forgiveness, how “giants” can obscure our perspective, and how the past and the hurt of the past can hold us back to life. Grace for Life extends over 6 weeks and is offered twice a year.

For more information regarding Life Centre you can contact Rene Cloete at [email protected]

National emergency numbers for various needs
• Telefriend (Ellel Ministries) 086 106 310 (08:00-21:00)
• National Counselling Line (Life Line) 0861 322 322 (24 hours)
• Child Line 0800 055 555
• Women Abuse 0800 150 150
• Narcotics Anonymous 083 900 6962

I’d Like to help
I want to make a difference
If you have a passion to see others are being restored, then the Encouragers are the place to live out your ministry. Throughout the year, we offer training opportunities for our Encouragers so that we can support and encourage people who go through trauma and crises in a meaningful way.

We like to create space for qualified counselors who want to give their passion and time here at Doxa Deo Wilgeheuwel. If you want to live out your ministry as a counselor here, you can contact us.

We have a comprehensive network of psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists, play therapists and other professionals who give their time at Doxa Deo Wilgeheuwel. If you want to be part of our ministry and Life Centre processes in your professional capacity, you can contact us.

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