Brent Pittaway - 7 January 2024

Better Habits Week 2

Habits are essential to progress. God gives you 1) the desire but 2) also the power to change. However, I need to obey by applying what God wants to do so that I can change. There is hard work to do if we want to see transformation – but the goal is that we would increasingly “conform to the image of the Son” (see Rom. 8:29 and Gal. 4:1:19).

From Series: "Step by Step"

We all want to grow and reach our goals, but this is hard to do in a culture that values perfection — we feel pressure to pursue a perfect relationship, a perfect body, a perfect image, a perfect life. As a result, we are left burnt out, disappointed, and worse off than we started. What if we could grow without striving for perfection? What if our goal was to be better instead of perfect, choosing progress over perfection? Join us for a new series as we talk about how choosing better keeps us moving toward Christ and one another.

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