Your giving empowers your Doxa Deo campus to carry out its calling to city transformation. We are excited and thankful for what God has already accomplished through the Doxa Deo ministry; we are however acutely aware of the immense task we still need to complete.

Bank Details

Doxa Deo Tshwane Central
ABSA Hatfield
Rek: 407 405 9467
Branchcode: 632005

General References

TC TD  = Tithes
TC PP  = POPUP Contributions
TC WS = World City Funds


There are various places where you can give your time. Speak to us to find out more.


We have various projects which need donations and gives. Please contact us for more information.

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In cases of the wrong amount typed in by the donor, Doxa Deo will refund the donor to the full amount deducting the banking cost incurred to Doxa Deo within 30 days.

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