We minister to children, equipping and training them according to Biblical Principles.

Our dream is to help children discover their true identity in Christ through a living relationship with God. We help them discover their gifts and calling in Christ. Thereby they start to live as “city changers” from a young age and make an impact in their community.

If we can make reaching children for Christ our top priority, we will influence the future of our country!


At Doxa Deo Kids we aim to serve each child at their own level. We realize that we are shaping these children’s understanding of God and His church, therefore, we want to reveal His heart in a fun and exciting way. We do this through creative activities to ensure that the Bible is relevant in their lives.

Our passionate staff view this as their calling to serve each child from our well established determined curriculum.


We use many different forms of fun and exciting games to reveal God’s love and grace. We engage in small group discussions where the children engage in conversation concerning how the main idea can become evident in their lives. It is important to us that children within this age group learn how to love, just as God loves them, and to serve people out of this perspective.

We want to equip each child to take what happens on a Sunday into their homes. We also encourage our households to delve deeper into the message that was received by the child on a Sunday. We aim for optimal influence in the next generation.

Grade 5-7

We realize that Grade 5 & 7 learners are in a very important phase of their development, therefore, we have created a separate ministry to specifically meet their needs. We understand that the question “Who am I?” starts to become an evident question in their lives.

Therefore, we ensure optimal focus on identity within this age group. Our approach to this group encourages each child to discover the Truth for themselves, therefore, our lessons are structured in such a manner that they are interactive, pre-teen orientated, and exciting.

When your Grade 7 child steps into the new adventure of being a teenager, we want them to know the following: I know who God is and I know who I am, therefore, I want to impact my world.

Raising City Changers!



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