what lives in the heart of doxa deo

Doxa Deo functions as ONE CHURCH in a city with a variety of campuses and ministries. Everything we do focusses on equipping and raising up people to become agents of positive change in their world, City Changers who Know God, Love People and Impact Their World.

We have a mission to positively influence every sector of society with the values and the purposes of Jesus. We believe that church, education, social services, business, media, arts, sports and civil society will flourish when the life giving values of Jesus Christ are applied in these areas.

We are a Family on Mission!


Service Times: 09h00
Place: Hamptons High, 30 Sunshine Drive, Sunningdale
Kids: We’ve got you covered with fun activities for all ages!

Join the Family!

How do I become a partner?

.. your life, relationships, education, career…


For some of us, this journey with God has been years
or even decades in the making and for others,
it’s only the beginning.
No matter where you find yourself on this journey of faith we would love to hear your story.

Why do we talk about Partnership?​

We’d love people to move from simply attending church gatherings to
engaging relationships, activities and the mission of the Church.
We love the metaphor from 1 Corinthians 3:9
that says that we are co-labourers with God.
We are not just members of a church, we are partners with God for His mission on earth.
Partnership implies that we use our time, talents and treasures to build God’s Kingdom everywhere we function and live.

We manage our time well as we prioritise Church Life.
Talents: We use our unique talents and gifts to build the body of Christ.
Treasures: We invest our money and resources to build the Church of Jesus Christ.

About our Staff

Church is much more than just a service on Sundays.
It’s about connecting with others, growing in your faith and building a strong foundation for your family.
The mission of every employee of Doxa Deo Durban is to equip partners
to Know God, Love People, and Impact Their World.

Our Team

Louren Mare

Campus Pastor

Petrone Van Heerden

Kids Ministry Leader

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