It is our passion at Fusion to see that each Teen that visits us, will find God and that they will experience Him in their hearts and lives. We are therefore passionate for our schools and what happens at Fusion on a Sunday during our Afrikaans Service. We speak to our Teens regarding God, who He is, and that He wants to Impact the World through them and so much more. Fusion plays a very important role in the bigger picture of Doxa Deo Wilgeheuwel and is therefore important to us to establish God’s truth in their lives.
It is our heart to see a generation grow with a passion for God’s Word, His Promises, a love for all people in the church as well as a burning desire to make an impact with a God-centered lifestyle and mentality wherever they might be and that they might grow in their relationship with Jesus as well to understand their identity in Christ.
If you want to get involved in our Teens Ministry, Contact: Jako at [email protected]

At Fusion we serve you with worship and Word that is relevant to you. You
are called to do extraordinary things!