Men’s ministry

(COL 1:28)


Movement is our men’s ministry that seeks to inspire and challenge men in terms of biblical manhood.
– An authentic relationship with Christ.
– A life of integrity in our sphere of influence.
– Impact in our world.
Movement exists to move men from where they are to where God wants them to be.
Our Movement men’s ministry consists of the following:
• Our weekly men’s group is Called Movement 5:2:7, we get together on a Saturday at 6:55 at Doxa Deo Wilgeheuwel. Here you will experience fellowship, connection, and spiritual growth as we discover God’s greater story for our lives together. We focus specifically on the unique challenges and opportunities that men face on a daily basis.
• Our Movement events takes place on a quarterly basis where we also have great fun and fellowship together but we invite a special speaker to come speak on a specific topics relevant to men. This is an excellent opportunity to invite a friend to come and experience how we do life together.


Reaching men through an experience of physical and mental endurance with deep spiritual input. No lodge, no hot showers. A 72 hour journey that is unparalleled. The Xtreme Character Challenge is a milestone in men’s lives where physical and spiritual components collide to discover real lessons for life with other men and before God.
During the adventure weekend (Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon), men divide into teams of eight to explore the wilderness in unique locations. In these teams, men are tested on courage, team unity, endurance and character. Behind every challenge, there is an idea, a purpose.
Would you like to experience a life-changing character weekend with the 4th Musketeer?
Check our website for more information about the Xtreme Character Challenge.
“During my 72 hours with the 4th Musketeer, God showed me that I have to stop being just a survivor and really live for Him.” ~ Brett
“After this weekend I will make more time with God and my family. Playing a bigger role in my son’s life.” ~ Gerhard
“I plan to let more people closer to me and use time, normally spent watching series, to rather live the story than just watch it.” – Ruan
Contact Johann Cloete for more information: [email protected]

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