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We are excited to welcome you all back to church! We have three services available for you.

Afrikaans Service – 08:00

English Service – 10:00

English YouTube Service – 09:00


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Phone: 010-110-9748

Email: [email protected]

Sunday Services

At Doxa Deo Wilgeheuwel one of our main focuses is to trust the God for more people to give their hearts to Him. To achieve this goal we have all our sermon series’ based on the concept of “Deeper and Wider”.

By going deeper, we focus on the Word of God – to take emphasis on reading and understanding of the word to another level. By wider our focus is to invite more people to our services – by encouraging partners to invite the people in their sphere of influence to a Doxa Deo Wilgeheuwel service. We have an amazing KIDS services that is also available online, the links are posted on our Facebook page or you can access the KIDS service via our YouTube channel Click Here for our Youtube Channel

How do I become a partner?

Please click HERE for more information on how to join our church.

Why Partnership?

Doxa Deo dreams that people will not merely remain spectators or consumers. It remains an inherent need of man to add value wherever he or she worships.

From Scripture, we clearly understand that God wants to include us in God’s building as living stones. The Bible uses many idioms when it refers to congregations, for example a body, a building, a family, an army, a bride, etc.  The core principle of each of these is that participation and involvement is assumed.

We have chosen the concept of being co-workers of God in Christ. God stands in covenant with people in order to establish His Kingdom in our city (1 Cor. 3:9)

At Doxa Deo we invite people to become partners in our dream of transforming our city into a place where God reigns!

The church of Jesus Christ exists across all denominations and we choose to actively stand in relationship with the other churches in our city so that God can reign through His body!

About Our Team

Church is much more than just a service on Sundays. For us it’s about connecting with others, grow in your faith, and build a strong foundation for your family. The mission of every employee at Doxa Deo Wilgeheuwel to see how each person develops his / her relationship with God,  love for people and to equip them to make an impact in their workplace and community.

Campus Personnel

Petrich Brits

Arnold & Talita Mitchell

Willie & Juanita Koen

Alicia Koen

Move beyond success to significance.

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