We believe that God is part of every facet of your life. Times of joy, sadness and change. We want to help you to see the love of God in every facet of your life.

Child Dedication
Your child is precious to us. We at Doxa Deo ICC have a special child dedication services for our children. This service is an opportunity that we enjoy with friends and family and make time to dedicate our children to the Lord.

 If you would like more information about the child dedication process or if you would like to book your date for your child to be dedicated, please contact Noma Ntshingila at noma.ntshingila@doxadeo.org / 012 322 9696

“Go therefore and make disciples …. baptize them in the name of Jesus ……” (Matthew 28:19)

These are the words of Jesus. Baptism is a command from Jesus to the church whereby a believer can expresses his / her faith and desire to be identified with Jesus Christ.

For more information on baptism or if you would like to be baptised, please contact Noma at noma.ntshingila[email protected] / 012 322 9696

Pre-Marital Sessions
We are excited with you for this new phase in your life. Several of our pastors are available to go through with you as you prepare to get married in the near future. Our best wishes for planning your big day.

Please contact Noma at noma.ntshingila@doxadeo.org / 012 322 9696

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