In Doxa Deo Kids, we are raising City Changers. For this reason we want to make a Sunday experience the best hour of every child’s life. So that he/she will grow up loving God passionately.

Knowing who he/she is in Christ and that God has a purpose and plan with his/her life.

The KIDS ministry consists of: We believe that splitting into age groups according to developmental phases is essential for effective ministry. Operations takes place every Sunday morning during the main church service for the following groups:

2-4 years & Grade R: in the Blue room,

Grade 1-5: in the Green Room,

Pre-teens Grade 6-7 in Room 1

If you want to live your passion in Doxa Deo Kids. For more information, contact us on: [email protected]

Your kids engage in Spirit-filled worship and an interactive lesson that is presented according to their age and developmental level. Through this experience we teach your kids from an early age about Jesus’ love for them.


For more information, contact us on:
[email protected]

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