A call on partners to get involved to impact lives and be the catalysts for change.

The City Changers Foundation represent the various projects within the Doxa Deo Family. The Foundation was created to enable the Doxa Deo Family to accomplish our God-given mission to change cities to places where He rules. The Foundation creates partnerships and secures funding for ministries and projects within the Doxa Deo Family. The Lord gave us exceptional opportunities to have an impact on our cities, with so many lives that we have to touch. The City Changers Foundation helps our family to reach this goal!

One of the greatest benefits of engagement with the Foundation, is an awareness of the many victories and miracles God did in by Doxa Deo. Click here for the link to our latest edition of the City Changer – a special publication that is a flash picture of all of God’s activities through means of the Doxa Deo Family on three different continents.

If you have this passion for urban transformation and know that you want to be involved more intentional, we want to invite you to partner with us. This is your opportunity, along with other City Changers, enjoy the satisfying experience to do this valuable work for the Kingdom of God.

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