Doxa Deo’s vision is to establish God’s reign in 12 cities for global impact. God has given us a strategy to make this dream a reality by establishing one congregation per city that finds expression at various locations throughout the particular city. Thereby we gain a presence in the community that has an impact in each of these cities, allowing us to influence these communities from a position of strength and momentum. Doxa Deo Silverlakes was one of these locations, a place where our partners got to know God more and more, and love one another deeply.  However, we could not yet gain the momentum to impact the surrounding community at this location as we envisioned. By repositioning Doxa Deo Silverlakes into Doxa Deo Faerie Glen for a season, we can then once again impact our city from a position of strength. We still have a vision to be present in the geographical area where Silverlakes was positioned and we are awaiting God’s direction and opportunity to relaunch in future – possibly closer to The Grove. Please pray with us for the right timing and venue to make this a reality.

For more information, please contact Japie Venter – [email protected]