Not seeing the bigger picture can be very bad: You can win the argument and lose the relationship. You can choose the immediate pleasure and pay for it for a very long time. In all areas of our lives it helps to see the bigger picture and many times we need someone to help us. Even if it’s just to remind us: Remember the bigger picture! God wants to show the world His Bigger Picture. A picture that can help people and societies in so many different ways. A picture that brings Hope. For this He planned and worked and now that plan is a reality: Consequently, the richly varied wisdom of God can now be made known by ……… .. (Ephesians 3:10) And that’s where you fit into His Bigger Picture. BUT you are not the Bigger Picture AND you can not show the Bigger Picture. You are part of HIS plan with HIS church. It is … the Church … that shows HIS Bigger picture to the world. This series wants to help you with this.

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