Doxa Deo Raslouw Campus is interested in helping people grow in all their spheres of life, in order for us to accomplish that we encourage people to get involved the campus and in the Outdoor Campus activities. As Doxa Deo Raslouw Campus we can encourage you to get involved in the following:  Group Life (Small Groups), Training & Equipping (Courses), Caring/ Counseling, My Hart, Life Moments,  Serve (Hospitality Team), Campus Project, and Family Projects.

Doxa Deo Raslouw Campus as City Changers we encourage people to build themselves and build their city, though we are based in Centurion, as you get involved with us you will be motivated to do your best to transform any place wherever you go.

If you want more information on where and how you can Get Involved, please do click on the get involved and search for whatever you can be interested in. You can also Contact us or leave your details on our Clipboard on Sunday and we will be in touch.