Welcome to Doxa Deo Raslouw Campus

Doxa Deo Raslouw, along with all the other campuses in the Doxa Deo family, dreams about a city and communities transformed into a place where God reigns. At Doxa Deo Raslouw we believe that every person is called as part of our campus, not just to be a partner of Doxa Deo Raslouw, but also to partner with us to make a real difference in our strategic city.

At Doxa Deo Raslouw we see our city in eight different spheres, namely Church, Media, Arts, Education, Sports, Social Services, Business and Government. We would like our Sunday celebrations, City Changer Life Groups and any programs and opportunities that are offered weekly to provide the platform for our partners to be fully equipped in becoming a City Changer in his / her own sphere of influence.

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    Time & Place

    Morning Services: 8:30 (Afrikaans) / 10:15 (English)
    Evening Service: 18:00 (Afrikaans)
    178 Aletta Avenue, Centurion, South Africa

    Sunday Services

    At Raslouw Campus one of our main focuses is to trust God for more people to give their hearts to Him. To achieve this goal we have all our sermon series’ based on the concept of “Deeper and Wider”.

    By going deeper, we focus on the Word of God. We emphasize the reading and understanding of the Word to a deeper level. By wider we refer to our focus to invite more people to our celebrations – by encouraging partners to invite the people in their spheres of influence to a Doxa Deo Raslouw celebration. There are currently three celebrations at Doxa Deo Raslouw. We have an amazing KIDS and teen celebration that take place during the adult services.


    We are a unique community in the sense that we have three celebrations on a Sunday that intentionally focuses on every age group. Our Afrikaans and English morning celebrations are especially popular among families with children and older people, while our Afrikaans Evening service is predominantly attended by professionals.

    Our Three Services:

    • Afrikaans Family Celebration – 8:00 | 9:15 – Includes Kids Ministries: 2-5 Years; Grades 2-5; Grades 6 & 7 as well as Fusion (Grades 8-12).
    • English Family Celebration – 10:30 – Includes Kids Ministries: 2-5 Years; Grades 2-5; Grades 6 & 7 as well as Fusion (Grades 8-12).
    • Afrikaans Evening Celebration – 18:00. We do not have any Children’s or Teenage Ministries running during our Evening Services.

    What to Expect

    We are a congregation where adults, teenagers and children can wholeheartedly discover who we are in God and what life is all about. We are a congregation that strives for community (to do life together as it were). For this reason it is important to join a small group. We have a passion for God, a passion for people and a passion for this beautiful city.

    How do I become a partner?

    It is important to us that you not remain a visitor at our services but that you would become part of our community (a partner) and in so doing find your place in the Body of Christ.

    Click on the Link below to register on CHURCHSUITE APP to become a partner, and we will be in touch.


    Why Partnership?

    The word “member” does not capture the heart of membership properly. For this reason we went looking for a more relevant concept. The Bible uses many different comparisons when it refers to a congregation. The Bible, for example, refers to the Church as a body or a family. These comparisons communicate the importance of complete immersion or participation. You cannot be part of a body and function independently from that body. A modern concept that encapsulate this complete participation is “partnership”.

    Partnership entails more than merely having an interest in church, it entails being engaged and participating while acknowledging that you have a contribution to make to the church. We therefore refer to membership as partnership.

    God chose to change our world through the Church. God does not have a Plan-B. For this reason, partnership with the Church is important. Acts 2:47 says that God added to their number. The word “added” literally means “to set you in place to your advantage”. Doxa Deo, as one of the expressions of God’s Church in Tshwane desires to enter into partnership with you.

    About Our Staff

    Doxa Deo staff are passionate about God, our people and our city. We aim to serve in abandon and with passion. Church is so much more than a service on a Sunday.

    Church is much more than just a service on Sundays. For us it is, among-st other elements, about closely connecting with others, to grow in our faith, and to build a strong foundation for your families.

    Church Staff

    Jaco & Mariette Schutte

    Luwellen & Elaine Wenaar

    Bennie & Welna Buys

    Henri & Izelle Stander

    Anneke & Wesley Rabie

    Pierre & Mia Lotter

    Jan Henning

    Support Staff

    Sandra & Bennie Rosouw

    Caroline & Marius Brits

    Move beyond success to significance.

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