40 Days in the Book of James

What are the anchors you have in life when life becomes unstable? What are you holding onto?

We are in a time when everything is changing, many challenges, your stable life might have been overthrown. But there is something, an anchor, a cornerstone that never changes and that will always keep us upright, our faith in Jesus Christ.

We would like to invite you to our new series: 40 Days in the Book of James – in which we will discover that our faith in Jesus is a firm foundation in every day circumstances – this is a series of Rick Warren – topics such as: how to face difficult times through life, choices, habits you develop, faith in times of storms and anger, and how to stay emotionally healthy we will look at.

We are going to do the series in our zone and campuses – not just through Sunday preaching, but also through daily devotions and small group discussions -we invite you to commit yourself and your family for 6 weeks.

As a church we believe, it is in a time like this where our faith can be attractive and contagious to others, we believe it, we live it and we make a difference in our environment and city. Make sure you are part of a group and invite your friends and family together on this 40 day trip.

The book of James is clear, you cannot obtain your salvation through good works. But true faith causes good work to happen throughout your life. Jesus himself says in Matthew 5:16 “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

How is it going to work?

You can click on the blue block below to become part of the 40 days by being in a small group. By clicking on the block you will register on ChurchSuite and will be divided into a small group that will fit you and your family best. Or you can become a host:

What is expected of our small group hosts are the following:

  • That you make yourself available for 6 weeks- 1 evening per week.

  • Internet must be available. Enough data for 45 min each week. Computer / Tablet.

  • Download the ‘zoom’ app.

  • Welcome everyone on the Zoom.

  • Discuss the material provided.

  • Pray for people in general or in person. Create an opportunity where people pray for each other.

  • If you are ready to act as host you are welcome to register on “Church Suite” by clicking on the blue blocks below to ensure that you are fully equipped to lead an online group.

All materials are provided to the small groups to make the process as comfortable as possible.

Thank you for using your God-given gifts and talents to make an impact in people’s  lives and see how people live’s change and how they grow.


We are excited for the 40 days!

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