Welcome to Doxa Deo Parkview

At Doxa Deo Parkview, along with every other Doxa Deo Campus, we dream about a city transformed into a place where God reigns. We believe that every person who becomes part of Doxa Deo is called not just to be a part of our Campus, but to partner with us in making a real difference in our beautiful city.

Our Sunday services, small-group encounters and weekly ministry opportunities provide a platform for everyone to be fully equipped in becoming a City Changer in his / her own sphere of influence in whatever sector of society they may find themselves: Church, Media, Arts, Education, Sports, Social Services, Business and Government.

Time & Place

Online Service

09:00 – YouTube

Weekdays: Offices from 08:00 -16:30 at Doxa Deo Parkview (Shop F27, Parkview Shopping Centre, Netcare St.) Pretoria, 0044

Sunday Services

At Doxa Deo Parkview, our desire is to see people submitting their lives to Christ. For this reason, every service is designed to take people “Deeper and Wider”.

In going deeper, we focus on the Word of God – taking the emphasis on reading and understanding of the word to greater levels. Our partners are encouraged to invite people within their sphere of influence to our Sunday services. We are a family-oriented church with amazing KIDS services running concurrently to the adult services.

What to Expect

We are a multi-generational church where adults, teenagers and children can wholeheartedly discover who we are in Christ and what life in Him is all about. We are a church that is happy to share life, believing that group life is important. We have a passion for God, a passion for people and a passion for this beautiful city.

How do I become a partner?

Our New Partners process is an opportunity to journey together with others and to discover what makes God’s calling over Doxa Deo unique. We would love to have you join us, partnering with Doxa Deo in bringing this vision of a God-governed city into fulfilment! We would also love to get to know you better and discover together what is on God’s heart for you in this season of your life as you grow with us in knowing God, loving people and impacting your world. Please keep an eye out for the next ‘New Partners Process’ opportunity and make sure to sign up or email us at [email protected] to be added to our mailing list.

Why Partnership?

The Bible uses many idioms when it refers to the local church – a body, a building, a family, an army, a bride, etc. The core principle behind each of these metaphors is that participation and involvement is assumed. There is no such thing as a spectator or consumer in the Body of Christ. God wants to include each of us in His building as ‘living stones’.

In Doxa Deo, we also recognize the inherent need that God has placed within each one of us to add value wherever we choose to engage. Because of this, we use the concept of being co-workers of God in Christ. God stands in covenant with His people in order to establish His Kingdom in our city (1 Cor. 3:9). And in Doxa Deo we invite people to become His partners in this dream of transforming our city into a place where God reigns!

The church of Jesus Christ exists across all denominations and we choose to actively stand in relationship with the other churches in our city so that God can reign through His body!

About Our Team

Church is much more than just a service on Sundays. For us it’s about connecting with others, growing in your faith, and building a strong foundation for your family. The mission of every employee at Doxa Deo Parkview is to see to it that each person develops in his / her relationship with God, their love for people and to equip them to make an impact in their workplace and community.

Church Staff

Tops de Jager

Rick Moser

Tristan Lawrence

Siya Ntsangani

Niléne Nel

Support Staff

Noma Ntshingila

Gina-Lee Antoniou

Move beyond success to significance.

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