Welcome to Discovery, a course where you will see that you already have everything inside of you that you need to be the man God created you to be. As with any large-scale construction, it takes time and care to lay the foundation and allow it to cure properly, because the foundation has a direct influence on the stability of the building. The foundation also gives the building the ability to absorb and withstand the pressures and challenges from the surrounding environment.

The same applies to every guy’s life. What we believe about God and ourselves forms the foundation of we live our lives. It is therefore of utmost importance that our foundation is strong.

The heart of Discovery is to take this journey with you where we will discuss various topics that are relevant to men’s lives to help you SEE God’s OPINION of you, to discover your purpose as
a man, to know how to align your life with that purpose, and how to stand firm in today’s day
and age. May this journey of discovering be a truly wonderful revelation to you! May you, during
the course of the next few months, come to know God on a whole new level. May you discover
that YOU are created in HIS image and that you already have everything inside of you to be a
man of God!

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