Impact Partners of Doxa Deo

The City Changers Foundation empowers the Doxa Deo Family to carry out its calling to transform cities. We are constantly confronted by the fact that God has entrusted us with a number of exceptional opportunities to have an impact in cities and nations. We are excited and thankful for what God has already accomplished through the Doxa Deo Movement; we are however acutely aware of the immense task we still need to complete.

If you share this passion for cities and city transformation and feel that God calls you to become involved on a higher level of commitment and significance – whether you are an individual, business organisation or other ministry in the Kingdom – we invite you to join hands and partner with us. This could be an opportunity for you to do significant work in the Kingdom of God. For more information contact Marlene Freislich on +27 82 332 2581 or [email protected]


The City Changers Institute

Equipping City Changers through Christ-centred Higher Education

The City Changers Institute (CCI) was established as part of the Doxa Deo family in the year 2009. The institute focuses on the need for training and developing City Changers on a formal level. But what is a City Changer? City Changers are people who live with passion and purpose, who are fully alive in Christ, and who live to see their cities being transformed into places where God reigns! City Changers, as the name suggests, change our cities!


Live life to the fullest!

Metamorpho offers young people a one-year post matric potential and character discovery course. Our focus is to equip a student for life. Metamorpho has been around for 15 years. The first and most important thing is that in Metamorpho we “stretch” our students all year long and they will function out of their comfort zones.


TREE Movement

Transforming The Educational Environment

TREE stands for “TRansforming the Educational Environment” and is part of the Doxa Deo Movement’s plan to transform cities to places where God reigns. TREE is Doxa Deo’s answer to making a Christ-centred difference in schools. Doxa Deo believes that the answer to city transformation lies with the younger generation as they are the future leaders of South Africa. We are currently involved in Tshwane, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town.

Maragon Private Schools

Investing In The Education Of Our Future

The golden thread within all of our schools is an uncompromising academic standard. Our distinguishing feature is the level of facilities and the depth of the additional service offerings. The Pre-Schools follow a very specific methodology to reinforce maximum developmental achievement in the first 1000 days, preparing our children for a seamless transition to the foundation phase. The exposure to exceptional academic education standards (underpinned by an independent accreditation), and a healthy balance of cultural, physical, sport and leadership activities during their school career, culminates in the formation of our future leaders.




People Upliftment Programme

POPUP (People Upliftment Programme) is a non-profit organisation with a holistic approach to the upliftment of under-privileged communities thereby ensuring that all the needs of individuals are addressed – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. POPUP is a Skills Training and Enterprise Development Centre and renders services to all persons living in Tshwane (in the Gauteng province, South Africa) and the surrounding areas regardless of race, culture, gender or religion. Currently POPUP’s main centre is situated in Salvokop, Pretoria. POPUP also expanded with a second centre in Soshanguve in 2012.

Marlene Freislich (Fund development or B-BBEE enquiries)
+27 82 332 2581
[email protected]


Reaching Out Port Elizabeth

ROPE is a ministry with a passion for people. We provide weekly food and ministers to over 1,000 people. Rope has a different perspective on the city of Port Elizabeth; the perspective that we as a congregation take responsibility for North End. ROPE aims to create an environment where people can be served and renewed in Christ.


Children’s Homes

Doxa Deo and our own City Changers Foundation has a heart for the children of this nation.

Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of children and change the destiny of children who are destitute, maltreated, abused, abandoned and orphaned as well as children with special needs and children infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS. It is our dream to give each of these children a safe haven where they can live, laugh and learn, so that they can reach their full potential.

To achieve this, the Doxa Deo Movement supports eight children’s homes. These homes were establish by Doxa Deo and uMephi, the Welfare Council of the Apostolic Faith Mission Church.

On grass root’s level the centres are known as homes. We are proud that our children are taken care of with sincere and loving parental guidance. Having “parents”, “brothers” and/or “sisters” – even a home address to call their own – establish them in a normal household environment. Our vision is to upgrade the current children’s homes and to establish more homes in the future.

Below you find a list of uMephi Houses near you

Heneka Haven

Special Needs Abandoned Orphans, HIV Orphans & Abused Children

Doxa Deo East Campus

Antoinette Steyn
+ 27 83 298 7487 or +27 12 991 3883

Fanie and Hanna van Vuuren
+27 12 345 1962

550 Vacy Lyle Street
Pretoria, South Africa

Victory Kidz Moot


Doxa Deo Moot Campus




Inspiration. Motivation. Vision.

It is our passion to support individuals, businesses and organizations to develop, to grow in their potential, uniqueness and successes. Every day we contribute to these developments, we help to look beyond limits, to set a course, to grow.

Lifework Leadership

Clarifying calling; Challenging minds; Engaging hearts

The Lifework Leadership Programme is designed for leaders who desire transformation … change from the inside out. Our programme challenges the mind and engages the leader’s heart, all the while looking at Jesus as our example of leadership. The result is a number of international business leaders who cross vocational, denominational, and racial lines to transform the minds and hearts of their companies, churches, and communities.

Lifework Leadership is a nine month leadership course that runs from February to October. Classes include teaching from internationally and nationally known speakers, case studies with prominent business people, literary discussion and practical life application. Each class examines the life of Jesus as the best example of leadership and is carefully crafted to engage leaders on issues that they face in their personal and business lives. Designed for the business professional, the class includes valuable tools and examples that can be applied to the home and the workplace.

Ruan Minnaar
+27 83 276 8419
[email protected]