Welcome to Doxa Deo Hatfield

Doxa Deo Hatfield, along with all the other Doxa Deo locations, dreams about a city transformed into a place where God reigns.

As a church, we want to see the spiritual lostness, social pain, and systemic brokenness of our city addressed through the Good News Gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we raise city changers who know God, love people, and impact their world.

Our society is basically divided into eight spheres: Church, Media, Arts, Education, Sports, Social Services, Business and Government. We would like our Sunday Celebrations, Community Groups, and the other ministry opportunities that are offered weekly to each partner, to provide the platform to be fully equipped in becoming a City Changer in his/her own sphere of influence.

We are a family on mission together!

Time & Place

WHEN: Sundays 09:00 A.M.
WHERE: 315 Lynnwood Rd, Menlo Park, Pretoria, 0081

How Do I Become a Partner?

If you would like to become a partner of Doxa Deo Hatfield (meaning I see this church as my home base and family), please fill in a Connect Card during one of our Sunday Celebrations and we will invite you to a Partnership Evening. On this evening you can hear the heart and vision of the church, ask questions, meet some new people, and fill your tummy with some awesome snacks.

Why Partnership?

At Doxa Deo, we believe that church is not a building, a religious event, or an organization with a program to attend.

We believe that the church is a family of Jesus-following, Spirit-filled, City-changing people who go on mission together. A family and a home for persons of all colors, shapes and sizes. We believe that the Church is God’s chosen plan for bringing His Kingdom on earth and that the New Testament sets out God’s pattern for building the Church.

We don’t see our people as consumers of a product or spectators of a vision. We see them as active partners in the mission of God!

About Our Team

Church is much more than just a service on Sundays. For us it’s about connecting with others, growing in your faith and building a strong foundation for your family. The mission of every employee of Doxa Deo Hatfield is to equip partners to Know God, Love People, and Impact Their World.

Our Team

Jo Ströhfeldt

Morris Asher

Ché Ströhfeldt

Move beyond success to significance.

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