We call our caring and counseling process Life Centre.

We have a dedicated team of called ones, pastors and professionals that are passionate about guiding and supporting others though emotional and spiritual issues and challenging times.

This team includes the following functions:

1. Encouragers

The encouragers of our church are people with a heart for people and a passion for emotional restoration. Our encouragers are equipped to serve in a supportive role.

2. Councellors

This group of people is made up of volunteers as well as professional counsellors with the purpose of guiding people through difficult times. Counselling session are scheduled in advance and take place at the church office.

3. Specialists

We have professional Psychiatrists, Therapists and Psychologists in our church who give of their time to serve the hurt and broken.

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If you want to become part of any of these groups, please contact:

Elri Kuhn
[email protected]

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