Street Store

Doxa Deo Bloemfontein, in collaboration with many other churches, businesses, schools and organisations hosts the Street store on a yearly basis.
Street store is a rent-free, premise-free, free pop-up clothing store for the homeless.
The poor people of our city are given a dignified shopping experience while they are prayed for and given some refreshments.
We would like to continue expanding our sites each year in order to impact more people in our city.

The GIRL project is an initiative to help the girls in our city who cannot afford sanitary products, to be able to still attend school during their menstrual cycle.
Products collected through this initiative will be distributed at the Street Store.

Girl Project also takes hands with Anchor of Hope’s Esther project. They manufacture sanitary towels that, with the correct care, can last up to 2 years.

Sanitary Product Donations (no tampons please)
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Financial Contribution
Banking Details:
ESTHER . FNB . Cheque . 230234 Account no: 627 6599 1544 .
Reference: GIRL project

For more information:
[email protected]
Street Store | Liandri de Groot – 073 315 2896
Girl Project | Louise van Zyl – 079 521 3113

POPUP (People Upliftment Programme)

POPUP’s primary offering is skills development and training; in order
to ensure the learner’s holistic development, POPUP also includes
social support services, spiritual growth, and counseling.

For more information visit our POPUP page
or contact Marnélle Prinsloo
[email protected]


El Pizo House of Hope is a NPO

It serves as a place of safety for babies from newly born up until 2 years oldBabies are placed here because of neglect or unbecoming circumstances at home. We help by serving on the governing board as well as raising the needed resources to help sustain the house. (Reg NPO 000762)

For more information visit our EL-PIZO page
or contact Marnélle Prinsloo
[email protected]


HOPE (Help Our People Eat) is our care program for partners that are going through short-term financial challenges. We provide food parcels for families, love and support through prayer and equip them with financial training on how to manage their finances better. You can get involved by donating non-perishable goods or by making a once-off or monthly financial contribution.

For more information:
[email protected]