Em in em-powerment is a prefix and a prefix changes the meaning of a word.  “Em-“ means “to cause to”; “to put in or into” and “to bring into a certain state”.
In exactly the same way as an “em-“ has the ability to change the meaning of a word, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit has the ability or power to change forever the existence, meaning, capacity, ability and future of an ordinary human being like you and I…
Acts 1:8 (TPT version) states that: “…the Holy Spirit will come upon us [you and I!] and you [you and I!] will be seized with power”.
You and I – ordinary human beings – have been empowered by the person of the Holy Spirit to be brought into a certain state – to be caused to do what we could never do by ourselves or in our own power. His power has been put in or into us…. resulting in us being empowered to GO and to DO!
Something so beautiful happens to us when the unmeasurable power of the Holy Spirit is unleashed in our lives. Empowerment from the Holy Spirit unlocks a boldness and unleashes the lion in us to REPRESENT Him wherever we find ourselves (be it in the classroom, the boardroom, the Uber, the waiting room, the grocery shop, the bus stop, the coffee shop….and the list goes on…)
Ephesians 2:10 says that He has already prepared the good works for us to walk in. And more than the prepared good works He has planned for us, 1 Peter 4:10 states that “Every believer has received grace gifts [remember we have been empowered], so use them to serve one another as faithful stewards of the many-colored tapestry of God’s grace”. (TPT version)
So GO boldly in the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and bring the much-needed change the world so desperately needs…yóú are His hands, His feet, His voice, His heart to an aching world.   
                            “In such a fearful world
                           We need a fearless church”


  • C S Lewis


Leana Platt

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