The South Africa Theological Seminary (SATS) is an accredited, distance learning training organisation situated in Rivonia, Gauteng. SATS gives students the unique opportunity t qualify themselves officially without ever attending a contact class.

What are the goals?
SATS offers a wide variety of courses that are all accredited with SAQA (from undergraduate levels to PHDs). A few qualification options:

  1. Three year Bachelors degree in theology (BTh)

  2. One year certificate in Christian Counselling

  3. One year certificate in Christian Life

  4. Honors in Theology

Who should do this?
There are three types of people that will benefit immensely from SATS studies:

  1. People who wish to go into full-time church leadership (including SoD students).

  2. Partners who wish to broaden their theological knowledge and better qualify themselves for ministry.

  3. People who wish to start moving from their current occupation to full-time church leadership.

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