• Abundant Life – Jean Symons – 31 March 2019

    Jean asked the questions: What is church – who is the church? He remarked that the apportionment between professionals (leaders and pastors), and the members is unbiblical. However, if I may, I would like to afford Jean a title this morning. PRO – public relations officer for the Lord! (Smile).

  • Oorvloed in my tydsbestuur

    Tyd is ‘n geskenk van God. Is jy iemand wat tyd spandeer of is jy iemand wat tyd gebruik? Ons almal beleef spanning met tyd. Ons sê ons het nie genoeg daarvan nie. Ons dink dat ander meer het daarvan as ek, maar dit is ‘n ulisie want elkeen van

  • Week 3 – “Vrygewigheid”

    Beste selleier Handelinge 20:35 herinner ons aan Jesus se woorde, dat dit beter is om te gee as om te ontvang. Hierdie waarheid is bekend by meeste maar meer as dit, kommunikeer Jesus deur hierdie stelling ook iets van ‘n sleutel tot ons persoonlike belewenis van die oorvloed wat Hy

  • Abundant Life – Marthinus Steffen – 10 March 2019

    “Finishing Strong” ‘Be the hero of your own story. Show the world the quality of your character, the strength of your resolve and the size of your heart by finishing strong’ – Gary Ryan Blair Marthinus did not beat around the bush this morning but aimed straight for the heart

  • The Word – Jean Symons – 17 February 2019

    Jean opened his heart and shared the Word of God this morning from a place of passion and relevance. How does the Word of God influence your life? The theme of his message focused on relationships, particularly those close to your heart. Jean mentioned that the entire Bible and our

  • The Word – Marthinus Steffen – 10 February 2019

      Much of vital importance was shared this morning, but as this is not a Bible study with notes, but a blog, I will try my best to relay what has impressed me and spoken into my spirit…but please, try to listen to the sermon on our website if you

  • The Word – Jules Asher – 3 February 2019

    Joy commences at a specific point and fear commences at a specific point in our lives. It creates fear, stress and anxiety when there is uncertainty about circumstances in our world and when the future is unknown to us. Jesus knew exactly what to expect of his future, but He

  • The Word – Jean Symons – 27 January 2019

    Today’s message links to the one Jean preached last week. The question this week is, “What defines me?” John 4:7 – Then a woman from Samaria came to draw water. Jesus said to her, “Give Me a drink.” Scenario: Jews loathed Samaritans; men did not speak to women. Jesus started the

  • 2019-01-20 10h15 Jean Symons Woord 3

    Your life will always be the same except for the books you read and the people you meet! John Maxwell Die Bybel 66 boeke 1400 jaar weie verskeidenheid literatuur en skrywers. Die Bybel spaar my ‘n leeftyd van foute en mislukking! Ek hanteer te veel situasies waar mense regtig suffer

  • The Word – Marthinus Steffen – 6 January 2019

    I am starting with the conclusion of the message this morning, as it is an excellent opening line for a very passionate and powerful delivery by Marthinus. I sat concentrating at times and forgot to make notes but will do my best to relay the important points discussed and emphasized.