The Baby Box Project seeks to bring hope by giving a ‘starter pack’ to moms of newborn babies in Steve Biko Hospital.

It’s hard to image how you might feel, not having what you need for your new born baby. Many mother in our country lack a support system and face desperate poverty. A feeling of immense hopelessness often steals the joy that a new baby should bring.

The Baby Box Project seeks to impart hope to these new moms, and to offer kindness and support in their moment of deepest vulnerability. Statistics show that a vulnerable mom is most likely to abandon her baby in the first 6 days after birth.

Please contact Jani Bravenboer

[email protected]


During our visits to mothers in government hospitals, we personally hand over a hamper of baby essentials worth R500, offering them the dignity of taking their baby home in new clothes. For many moms this is a turning point, and they take on motherhood with fresh courage and commitment. Our aim is to affirm the value of every little baby born, no matter the circumstances.


  • Sponsor a bag
  • Help pack bags the day before the outreach
  •  Sponsor some products for a bag
  •  Write encouraging letters to the mom
  • Contribute financially
  • Join our outreach to Steve Biko Hospital

A Baby Box is a reusable bag containing NEW essential toiletries and clothing for a new born baby:

Next outreach 18 Feb 2020

Bag Content

  • 1 baby blanket
  • 1 babygrow (0-3 month)
  • 1 seasonal outfit (0-3 months)
  • 2 vests (with clips)
  • Socks & hat
  • 1 facecloth
  • 1 roll of cotton wool (50g)
  • 1 tub of Vaseline (medium tub)
  • 1 tub of aqueous cream
  • 1 tub of bum cream (300g)
  • 1 bar of baby soup
  • 1 pack Carriwell Maternity Pads (12)
  • 1 packet of nappies (nr1)
  • 1 packet of wetwipes
  • 500ml bottled water
  • A personal hand written note of encouragement to the new mom.

Bring your product/note to our Campus, and drop them in the box provided in the mothers room.