Monday Atheist – Jean Symons – 6 October 2019


In 2003 something went wrong in the USA and a very large area was without power…chaos in New York City. Imagine God looking down on His children on a Monday morning, finding that the light switch is off!!

Is my light switch on at my place of employment on a Monday morning?

We believe in God, but often we live and work as if He does not exist.

Jean asked the question: Are we doing the Christian ‘thing’ or do we live IN and WITH Christ?

What does it look like when people switch God off on a Monday morning? They become slaves of their schedules. There is so much stress coupled to our daily work lives. We find it difficult to distinguish and land ourselves in a whirlpool of anxiety and confusion.

The levels of temptation rises and our knees become feeble. We are more inclined to give in to temptation when God is switched off. It is possible to become addicted to our jobs and submit to this new ‘boss’ in our lives, neglecting what is really important.

Sometimes we finish our work early and need to be occupied for the rest of the day. There is not enough of a challenge in our daily lives and this can lead to disaster and us indulging in activities which may cause us to stumble and fall.

God is the source of everything and our lives need to be saturated with Him. We are wired to live connected to God. We have been designed to live our entire life connected to Him. Adam walked with God on a daily basis. God longs for this kind of relationship with all His children.

Ephesians 2:19 – So then you are no longer strangers and aliens [outsiders without rights of citizenship], but you are fellow citizens with the saints (God’s people), and are [members] of God’s household,

Before God gave Adam relationships, He firstly gave him responsibilities.

John 8:12 – Once more Jesus addressed the crowd. He said, “I am the Light of the world. He who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life.”

All we need is to follow Jesus…then we will taste the fruit of a fulfilled life that shines brightly in a world of darkness.

Contemplate the quality of your life when you switch on at the beginning of each week!

God desires that we experience His LIFE, POWER and MEANING at our place of employment. He longs for us to live in abundance. We should not settle for anything less. His power provides the ability we need and His meaning will enable us to build on a life which will leave a legacy for generations to come.

Jean called Annelize Else to the platform to share her story.

She was involved in the corporate world until she was retrenched. This in itself was not such a crisis, as she longed for her life to have purpose and be meaningful. She decided she wanted to make a difference rather than chase a pay check each month. She became involved in ministering to people who lost their jobs and realized her life has a greater purpose than what she envisaged. With the new ministry called Key Connection, they have seen 86% of white men over 50 years become successful in obtaining employment.

Jean challenged the assembly to make an appointment with God first thing on a Monday morning and then journal it, reflecting on what the Spirit highlighted during the visit.

He also asked that members download the image of the light switch onto their cell phones and laptop screens.

“This little light of mine; I’m gonna let it shine!”

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