Accelerate The Mission

Doxa Deo Celebrating 20 Years of Raising City Changers

Once again we find ourselves at a critical point. God is challenging the leadership to trust Him for the Acceleration of the Mission. We will undergo a change in velocity… increase in amount or extent… gain momentum and gather speed. Is it possible that in the next 5 years, God can do what He has done through this ministry in the last 20 years? This could possibly imply the start-up of 20 new Campuses, involvement of 3 New Cites and impact in all 8 spheres of society.

For two decades Doxa Deo has be en impacting cities across the world. This dream started with a local church in Brooklyn, Pretoria, and subsequently expanded to the global impact it has today. Six key moments have defined the story.

1. Our Missional Calling

God challenged the leadership of Doxa Deo to become missional towards the city. We had to raise City Changers. Faith for a church had to become faith for a city. Mark 6 became a key reference for understanding the strategy. Jesus’ disciples had concern, but Jesus had compassion that led to engagement. Similarly, Doxa Deo had to move from concern to compassion.

2. Multiple Campuses

We were inspired by the Mark 6 reference of Jesus having the crowd sit in groups of fifties and hundreds. A multi-site church model was implemented that lead to the establishment of campuses all over the city. Through these campuses the city transformation vision reached several geographical areas of the city.

3. Spheres of Society

A framework was established whereby we could affect different spheres of society by engaging with love and Kingdom values. Doxa Deo impacts cities by being present in the areas of Church, Education, Social Society, Business, Sports, Arts, Government and Media. Members in Doxa Deo became partners, for they were no longer merely coming to the church for a programme. They became the programme of the churches as they engaged spheres of society.

4. 12 Cities

In 2000, significant leaders from across the world gathered at a Global Apostolic Summit in Singapore. A word for Doxa Deo was given during a time of prophetic ministry that would shift the vision form one city to twelve. Upon reflection, we again considered Mark 6 in which the disciples picked up twelve baskets of bread and fish after feeding the 5000. A vision for twelve cities around the globe was birthed.

5. Jesus Christ in the Centre

A critical moment in our journey was brought about by one of the most painful experiences of our story. After several years of cash-flow surplus we suddenly found ourselves in a financial crisis, struggling to make ends meet. This painful experience lead us to a place of deep introspection. We were challenged to refocus on the importance of the centrality of Jesus Christ in our message.

6. City Changers Movement

At this point, God called us to serve beyond the boundaries of our own defined vision. The Doxa Deo dream expanded, giving birth to a global City Changers Movement. Key leaders were released and repositioned in order to make this possible. Several churches and organisations started relating to Doxa Deo through a City Changers Kingdom Partnership programme.